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Case Applied Home Services

A home inspection company for Central and Northern Kentucky looking out for you and all our neighbors.

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Why Choose Us?

We are a home inspection company for Central and Northern Kentucky serving Lexington and the surrounding region looking out for you and all our neighbors.

  • Veteran, self-owned, and operated

  • We’re detail-oriented, thorough, diligent, and honest

  • YOU are our priority — our incentive is to ensure you know as much as possible about your new home

We provide real estate quality assurance during your real estate transaction/purchase.

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We Provide Home Inspection Services For:



When buying a home the disclosure doesn’t give you full details. Get inspected to learn the full details of your prospective new home and gain negotiating power.



Get inspected before you sell. Know what to expect in your offers and negotiations. Don’t be surprised by a fix-it list from the buyer or agent.


Current Owners

No one regularly goes into their attics and crawl spaces. Problems could literally be growing beneath your feet or above your head. Just like you do for your own health, your home needs a regular check-up. Your home should have an inspection every 3-5 years in order to better protect yourself.


Real Estate Agents

Real Estate agents want their clients to be happy with their home purchases for many coming years. One of the first steps is to have that home inspected as a quality assurance step prior to closing.


Newly Bought Homes

Many new homes were bought with a contingency from the seller to skip the inspection step. Be sure to have your home inspected now to ensure the health of your new property.


New Construction & Warranty

Even new homes have issues. A builder’s incentive is to build quickly and sell the home. Sometimes steps are missed. New homes usually come with a warranty. You should have an inspection done prior to the end of your warranty to ensure all required fixes are listed.


Investors & Property Management

Investors, landlords, and property management all receive a list of needed fixes and care for property they do not live in. Get inspected regularly to ensure your investments are healthy and damages aren’t being hidden from you.


Mortgage Lenders & Insurance

Mortgage lenders and insurance specialists are in a unique position in real estate. Knowing what you are insuring and investing in helps to protect yourselves and your clients by insisting they have their new property inspected.

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Our Home Inspection Services in central Kentucky

Case Applied Home Services provides several home inspection services and checks your home from the foundation to the shingles. In addition to the list below, we include a free IR/temperature scan of the walls and ceiling to look for insulation/temperature anomalies.



We will walk the roof as long as it is safe to do so. We check the roof covering, ridge, drainage, and facia.



We inspect everything from the facia and gutters, the siding, the windows, and the doors, to the soil and the areas around the perimeter of the home. This includes the porch or deck attached to the home. Where water meets wood, there will be wood rot.



We check the stairs, outlets, windows, doors, walls and ceiling, flooring, cabinets, nooks, cranies, closets - all the places you see every day and especially the places you don't.



In addition to the outlets, we also check the electrical panel by removing the cover and checking the wiring.



All sinks, showers, and toilets. We also check for heat and pressure differences, as well as leaks.



For all kitchen appliances, we check for functionality. We also check the hot water heater, furnace, AC unit, and other appliances.


Attic and Crawl Space

We will enter the attic and crawl spaces to check the foundational structure or framing, and search for wood rot, leaks, water entry, pests, biological growth (possible mold or fungal), and any other possible problems.


Providing You With a Valuable Service

Whether you are selling your house, buying your first home, or require a check-up for a home you have lived in for years, everyone can benefit from a trained and licensed inspector to give you the knowledge and insight to protect yourself during negotiations or repairs.

Thanks to years in the military, construction, and insurance industries, Lexington home inspector Eric Case has an eye for detail and the patience to take the time to find everything that should be found in your home inspection.

What our customers are saying about our home inspection services

Excellent experience

"Excellent experience with this company! Eric is extremely professional when conducting home inspections and is a great person to work with. My husband and I were in the process of buying our first home so we were lost in the process but Eric took the time to walk us through everything and was patient to answer all our questions. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a home inspection to be done - Eric is great!"

- Aly H.

Highly recommend

"I can’t say enough positive things about this inspection. Eric is highly knowledgeable, honest, and thorough. The value for what we paid was well worth it. Eric explained everything well, wrote a great report, and even came back (for no extra money!) to check something while it was raining. Keep in mind he ASKED to come back while it was raining to ensure he gave a thorough opinion on a leak we had. Highly recommend his services to anyone looking for a full home inspection or just a “well check” like we did. Thanks Eric!"

- Shelby C.

excellent job

"We worked with Eric and he did an excellent job. Very good inspection. If there is something wrong he will find it. Thanks again Eric. Highly recommend. He explains the issues he finds very well."

- J. Spicer

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More Services Coming Soon

More services will be added as certifications are earned including mold testing, energy audits, termite inspections, and other specialties.