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Being on, in, and under hundreds of homes in Central and Northern Kentucky, Eric Case has seen an array of home quality issues. Buying a home is a big decision and no one wants to discover problems when it is too late.

Our mission is to help you discover home structural and mechanical issues before you need to involve your insurance, a contractor, or your bank account. Knowledge is power and we want you to have every option available prior to making one of the biggest investments of your life. Your inspection is quality assurance and it gives you negotiating power.

Buying and selling a home are the most common instances for hiring a home inspector, but we believe you should be inspecting the home you currently live in and your investment properties on a regular basis — about once every three to five years. Almost no homeowner goes into their attics or crawlspaces regularly, and renters will not report every problem to their property manager. You don’t want a small issue to become a large problem because you weren’t aware of its existence for several years.

Contact Case Applied Home Services today for quality, comprehensive home inspection services in Lexington, Kentucky, and the surrounding areas.


12-year active duty Army veteran. Several tours to many continents and endless stories with each.


Eric Case has worked in construction, security, insurance, restoration, and other interrelated fields, gaining more than 20 years of experience.


Eric Case is licensed, insured, experienced, and thorough. He maintains an active insurance adjusting license, home inspector license, and business license. More licenses to come, as we’re always learning and adding certificates.


NO ONE should have the unwelcome surprise of buying a home with major issues. NO ONE should regret a purchase as large as a home.

Eric Case will provide you with a full report detailing the faults that can then be used during negotiations.

What our customers are saying about our home inspection services

Excellent experience

"Excellent experience with this company! Eric is extremely professional when conducting home inspections and is a great person to work with. My husband and I were in the process of buying our first home so we were lost in the process but Eric took the time to walk us through everything and was patient to answer all our questions. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a home inspection to be done - Eric is great!"

- Aly H.

Highly recommend

"I can’t say enough positive things about this inspection. Eric is highly knowledgeable, honest, and thorough. The value for what we paid was well worth it. Eric explained everything well, wrote a great report, and even came back (for no extra money!) to check something while it was raining. Keep in mind he ASKED to come back while it was raining to ensure he gave a thorough opinion on a leak we had. Highly recommend his services to anyone looking for a full home inspection or just a “well check” like we did. Thanks Eric!"

- Shelby C.

excellent job

"We worked with Eric and he did an excellent job. Very good inspection. If there is something wrong he will find it. Thanks again Eric. Highly recommend. He explains the issues he finds very well."

- J. Spicer