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People live in their homes for years and some never enter their attics or crawl spaces.

When was the last time you were in your crawl space? Have you checked your attic for leaks? Are there bees living in your soffit? Are you willing to make a bet for more than $1000 to say there are no looming issues in your home?

Your home is not only expensive and an investment into your future but it is your place of safety,...


Who is represented in an inspection, why they are important

When buying a home your questions are directed to your agent. The agent knows the details of the home but not the finer points. They aren't going into the attic or crawlspace, they aren't testing the appliances or looking for leaks. They can't tell you what repairs were made, how old the water heater is, if there are potential a/c issues on the horizon, or if...


Sources of Water Intrusion (into Your Crawl Space)

Every part of your home on the exterior is designed to drain water down and away. Roof shingles, gutter, siding, the gap between the foundation and the siding, weep holes, kick out flashing, and much more. Why?

The basic building blocks of our homes are wood and water is incredibly damaging to lumber. Water will weaken the lumber and cause it to rot. In...


Protect Your Investment

Home prices on average 10 years ago were 15% cheaper than today. That translated into a higher selling price of 15% as well as more equity in your pocket. You've paid a lot for your home, put an immeasurable amount of effort into it, hours and hours of cleaning and up keep, and every moment of your lives since its purchase. Your home is an investment in so much more than money.

We all...


Why investment properties should be inspected more often

Each time a tenant moves out there are repairs, usually small, but how many necessary repairs are you overlooking? How much is going on beneath the skin of your investment home that you don't see in the limited interaction you have with the home? You know your tenants aren't reporting every issue throughout their lease. You should know what's happening between...


We are in a "seller's market", meaning the party selling the home sets the terms of the sell. The terms for many sellers is that they want to bypass the inspection and close the deal. By bypassing an inspection you are giving up your right to find any problems with the home, request repairs, or to negotiate better terms.

Inspections act as a quality assurance for the buyer. They are also educational. You should learn the repair history...