4A: Your Home is an Investment

Protect Your Investment

Home prices on average 10 years ago were 15% cheaper than today. That translated into a higher selling price of 15% as well as more equity in your pocket. You've paid a lot for your home, put an immeasurable amount of effort into it, hours and hours of cleaning and up keep, and every moment of your lives since its purchase. Your home is an investment in so much more than money.

We all move from our homes at some point, to a upgrades, downgrades, or to a different area. When it comes time to sell your home and you have an offer on the table the buyer has the option to have an inspector scope the home for any potential issues. This is not the time you want to be surprised by large, costly repairs. You can't then reject the offer and move on to the next seller without disclosing the needed repairs. Either you lower your price or negotiate into the price the cost of repairs, either way the problems need to be disclosed.

How do you dodge this issue? You have your own inspector find the issues prior to selling. Know your product and know what to expect so you aren't blindsided by an unexpected cost.